Logitech releases new line of POWERED wireless chargers

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With most of the new high-end devices released having wireless charging support, the demand for wireless chargers is also increasing. Logitech has now announced a new line of POWERED wireless chargers that can power up any of your Qi-enabled devices, both Android and otherwise. They are designed to match whatever room you want to place it in with its simple and stylish design. They’re introducing a 3-in-1 Dock, wireless stand, and a wireless pad for your various charging needs.

The POWERED Wireless Charging 3-in-1 Dock lets you juice up your smartphone, your wireless earbuds, and your smartwatch. While the example they used in the product description are all Apple products, we’re assuming that any Qi-enabled device would be able to use it as well. The device is in a compact form so you can place it anywhere like on your nightstand, desk, or living room shelf. The SRP for the charging dock is $129.99.

The POWERED Wireless Charging Stand lets you charge your smartphone and use it while doing so. While you’re charging, you can still make video calls, read your notifications, check your emails, etc. Of course, it probably won’t charge as fast when you’re using it constantly but at least you have the option. The Stand is available in graphite and white and will cost you $59.99. It’s a good charger to use on your office desk while you’re working.

If you’re okay with not using your phone while charging, you have the POWERED Wireless Charging Pad. It’s a simple, sleek wireless charger that can again be placed anywhere you want because it is compactly built. It is available in graphite, white, lilac, and blue sage so whatever your room decoration is, you can choose one to match it. The stand is priced at $39.99.

All of the wireless chargers have fast charging for Samsung devices at 9W. It uses internal heat sensors and algorithms to manage the devices’ temperature and to ensure that the optimal level of power is delivered to the device they’re charging. The Logitech POWERED wireless chargers are now available in the U.S. and Canada on Logitech.com and BestBuy Canda.

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