Lockdowns have disrupted one of Samsung’s biggest phone factories

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Going back to work amid the COVID19 pandemic has been challenging. With some countries experiencing a second or even third wave, lockdowns have been imposed yet again to curb the spread.

This makes it impossible for companies to avoid any disruption to their businesses. They’re unable to run their offices, retail locations and factories at full capacity. It puts a massive drain on the business, but it can’t be avoided. Samsung is facing a similar situation in India.

The second wave has disrupted operations at the factory

India is in the midst of a brutal second COVID19 wave. Strict lockdowns have been imposed. There are also restrictions on the online sales of non-essential products. So even though demand exists for its phones, Samsung has been unable to sell as many units as it could have.

Samsung also uses India as a manufacturing base. It has one of its biggest mobile device manufacturing factories in the country. Production at the factory has reduced significantly due to the restrictions in place.

The company is currently opening its factory only three days a week. The factory doesn’t just make products to meet local demand. It exports to other markets as well. At this rate, it may only be able to meet global demand.

There’s only so much that Samsung can do at this time. It has to respect the restrictions that have been imposed. Breaking the chain of transmission is of the utmost importance. The faster that can happen, the sooner the lockdowns will lift.

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