List of Xbox Series X Smart Delivery games

Microsoft debuts Xbox Series X with “Smart Delivery,” a program designed to ease the transition from the Xbox One family, into the next generation. Supported titles feature free visual upgrades across consoles, removing the need to purchase your games twice. And while confirmed for just a fraction of Xbox Series X games so far,, the proposal is guaranteed to help your gaming budget. Here’s what you need to know about Smart Delivery compatible titles and other free upgrade offers.

What is Xbox Series X Smart Delivery?

The Xbox Series X represents a next-generation leap for Microsoft’s home console family, distanced from the Xbox One with its hardware upgrades under the hood. However, unlike consoles of the past, the upcoming transition doesn’t mean a hard cut-off. Microsoft pledges to released upcoming titles like Halo Infinite across Xbox Series X and Xbox One, with free upgrades enabled by Smart Delivery.

In short, Smart Delivery enables free upgrades between Xbox One and Xbox Series X, preventing the need to purchase games twice. The initiative works in both directions, with the purchase of Smart Delivery titles granting licenses for Xbox One and Xbox Series X. It also ensures the best available version of the game automatically downloads to your Xbox, in line with the capabilities of the base Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Xbox Series X.

But Smart Delivery isn’t available for every Xbox Series X game, with a handful of titles opting for the program instead. Many titles already pledge support, providing a growing lineup you can purchase worry-free today, with an Xbox Series X version waiting ahead. The current list is ideal for budgeting around the next-generation consoles, providing a reliable measure for long-term investment, beyond the Xbox Series X launch.

Xbox Series X Smart Delivery: Everything We Know

List of Xbox Series X games with Smart Delivery

With a growing crowd of upcoming Xbox Series X games promising Smart Delivery, this list wraps up those confirmed via Microsoft and third-party developers. While not all Xbox Series X games opt into Smart Delivery, Microsoft has committed to supporting all cross-generation titles under Xbox Game Studios, accompanied by various third-party partners.

We’ve wrapped up every Xbox Series X and Xbox One title with confirmed Smart Delivery support, so far.

Purchasing these games on Xbox One today will translate forward to your Xbox Series X when you decide to buy. Existing titles will see Smart Delivery benefits applied to all current and future users, while upcoming games will have similar perks from launch.

Other free Xbox Series X upgrades available

While Smart Delivery aims to provide seamless upgrades between Xbox One and Xbox Series X, third parties have already explored alternatives. Microsoft’s implementation offers one standardized system for buyers, automatically bridging the platforms via Xbox Live for digital, and using the same disc for physical.

With alternative third-party solutions, developers can transition gamers on their terms, without the strict terms of Smart Delivery. While Electronic Arts is the first to shun the feature, we have a rolling list below.

  • Madden NFL 21: Electronic Arts promises “free upgrades” for its latest in the defining football series, but breaks away from Smart Delivery with its own limited-time offer. The deal only lasts a few months, requiring players to purchase Madden NFL 21 on Xbox One by December 31, 2020, and upgrade to an Xbox Series X copy by the release of Madden 22.

Assuming further titles will break away from Smart Delivery, we’ll keep tabs on free upgrade opportunities over the months ahead.

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