List of Xbox One mouse and keyboard games in 2020

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The Xbox One features native mouse and keyboard support, providing increased precision and a broader range of inputs over the standard Xbox controller. With optional tools in the hands of developers, only a limited range of titles adopt the gamepad alternative. We’ve wrapped up a list of every Xbox One mouse and keyboard title so far.

From the studio behind ARK: Survival Evolved, ATLAS realizes the pirate fantasy of sailing the seas and scoring loot. Though a rough work-in-progress under “Game Preview,” it features full parity and cross-play between Xbox One and PC.

$30 at Microsoft

Simulating the skies of World War 2, pilots must tackle the perils of flight with aid from your airborne squad. Evade foes while keeping tabs on fuel, ammo, and hydraulics, with mouse and keyboard streamlining all micromanagement.

$15 at Microsoft

Modern Warfare revives the bestselling shooter through an unfiltered, contemporary lens, reflecting the darker side of global conflict. Pushing cross-play for all, title-wide mouse and keyboard support also makes its debut.

$50 at Amazon

Xbox Dynamic Lighting

Dwarven miners descend to the core, navigating complex cave networks and extracting resources to earn their pay. However, with otherworldly threats lingering below, each mission shifts to a fight for survival.

$30 at Microsoft

Fortnite’s free-to-play spin on the hit battle royale genre continues to dominate, recently onboarding over 250 million players for its second chapter. That unmatched growth has touched console, PC, and mobile, all tied together with cross-play support.

Free at Microsoft

Xbox Dynamic Lighting

The latest in Microsoft’s core franchise packs a heartfelt story campaign, competitive multiplayer, alongside cooperative Horde and Escape modes. It’s a great all-rounder among Xbox’s highlights, boasting cross-play with PC.

$32 at Amazon

Emerging from the tunnels of Moscow, Metro Exodus follows an eastward cross-continental trip across the unforgiving remnants of civilization. The harsh four seasons test your survival instincts while trekking an open world brimming with combat opportunities.

$37 at Amazon

Minecraft’s culmination of creative and role-playing signatures has captured millions over the past decade. Secured under Microsoft’s games portfolio and bigger than ever, it’s a vast voxel sandbox for all ages.

$30 at Amazon

Merging multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games and competitive shooters, this free-to-play venture takes on Overwatch. From the creators of SMITE, Paladins thrives on supporting objective-based gameplay with heroes and synergies, while doubling as a robust cross-play advocate.

Free at Microsoft

Sea of Thieves is an ideal canvas for shaping your cooperative adventures, assembling a crew, and overcoming challenges of the pirate life. Sailing your ship, solving puzzles, and slaying water-bound creatures requires a team effort, bolstered by Xbox and PC cross-play.

$39 at Amazon

SMITE merges third-person action with the charm of MOBA battles, serving as a virtual battleground for mythical gods, now with over 35 million players. Mouse and keyboard support complements input-based cross-play, tying into PC and Nintendo Switch communities.

Free at Microsoft

Setting sights on World War II-era Berlin, this gripping revival of Sniper Elite’s breakout entry now looks better than ever. Sneak and shoot your way through Axis powers, now serving those sleek slow-motion bullet cams in gory 60 FPS glory.

$29 at Amazon

Xbox Dynamic Lighting

Channeling your inner Indiana Jones, Strange Brigade follows a crew of explorers fighting through the undead in search of lost artifacts. Players set out to uncover the long-forgotten past, experienced best with friends.

$17 at Amazon

Colonizing the red planet and unearthing its mysteries, Surviving Mars takes city-building out of this world. Expand your settlement, manage resources, and meet colonist demands, with menus best paired with mouse input.

$14 at Amazon

Xbox Dynamic Lighting

The Sims established its name on PC throughout the early 2000s, spinning the nuances of modern life into an open-ended sandbox. The fourth entry on Xbox One embraces those roots with the option of mouse and keyboard input, fully retaining original menus.

$20 at Amazon

Bringing steampunk strategy to the post-apocalyptic wasteland, They Are Billions requires building a line of defense against the infected. However, given cumbersome gamepad controls, using a mouse and keyboard is near-essential on Xbox One.

$25 at Microsoft

Serving slick gunplay and locomotion atop role-playing foundations, Warframe can be picked up as a free-to-play title. That includes the same PvE and competitive combat that defined its PC success, also accessible on Xbox One but skipping cross-play.

Free at Microsoft

Xbox Dynamic Lighting

Vermintide 2 packs brutal, first-person melee combat set in the Warhammer universe, focused on four-player cooperative play. The series’ role-playing allure translates to its playable heroes, progression, and loot systems, primed for fantasy fans.

$30 at Amazon

War Thunder takes the scale of conflict global via its massively multiplayer online (MMO) experience and bridging PC with the console. From World War II to the Cold War, the game features over 1,500 aircraft and vehicles, 80 maps, and a balance of modes for all.

Free at Microsoft

Xbox Dynamic Lighting

While a top-down shooter at first glance, X-Morph Defense is a tower-defense entry at heart. It’s a frantic sprawl of chaos between waves, requiring strategy, forethought, and good aim.

$20 at Microsoft

Fight back the undead hordes in Zombie Army 4: Dead War, a cooperative shooter set in alternate history World War II, facing Allied forces raised from the grave. Mouse and keyboard support introduce another way to slay, with added precision in those tense encounters.

$50 at Amazon

Plug and play

The Xbox One features a limited but steadily-growing lineup of games with mouse and keyboard support. With cross-platform multiplayer on the rise and established PC names shifting to console, expect regular additions over the months ahead.

All you need is a wired or wireless USB mouse and keyboard for a simple plug-and-play setup. However, the officially-licensed Razer Turret Mouse and Keyboard for Xbox One delivers a premium two-piece combo, exclusively featuring Xbox Dynamic Lighting support. The lighting protocol allows games to adjust peripheral RGB lighting around the on-screen action, similar to Razer Chroma technology for PC.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is among the best delivering title-wide mouse and keyboard support, supporting its cross-play vision on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PCs. The increased precision will be welcomed by competitive players, with native input-based matchmaking ensuring a fair multiplayer scene for all. Activision also sits among the few top publishers embracing support on Xbox One, reviving its bestselling Modern Warfare series with impressive results.

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