List of Minecraft Dungeons levels, locations, and dungeons

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Minecraft Dungeons 09 04 2020 17 30

Source: Windows Central

Minecraft Dungeons is an old-school action RPG set in Minecraft’s charming blocky world. With similarities to games like Diablo, Minecraft emphasizes combat and loot above all else, set across a wide range of levels that represent different biomes and areas from the regular game.

While we have had a look at the full world map, we still don’t know exactly how many levels are present in the game. As of writing, we have found an additional five hidden levels, connected to other areas from the game. It could be that all nine main missions have additional hidden areas, and we’re still trying to hunt them down. Here are the ones we have confirmed so far.

Smash and loot

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft meets Diablo

Minecraft Dungeons is an upcoming action RPG set in the blocky worlds of Minecraft! Team up with three friends and get your dungeon crawl on.

Minecraft Dungeons World Map

Minecraft Dungeons Full Map

Source: Microsoft

This is the full Minecraft Dungeons world map as of launch. As you progress, new dungeons and areas will become available to you, complete with their own potential rewards. Some dungeons are “secret,” hidden within regular story scenarios, and must be unlocked by exploring the area. We have no doubt that this map will expand further with future DLC and expansion content.


Minecraft Dungeons 09 04 2020 17 29

Source: Windows Central

The camp is the central area where you’ll make your base. Here, merchants show up that let you convert your emeralds into random pieces of loot, and it’s here where you’ll choose missions and can test your damage on some target dummies.

Creeper Woods

Minecraft Dungeons Creeper Woods Map

Source: Windows Central

Creeper Woods is the first level after the tutorial, taking place in some spooky woods that are reminiscent of any Minecraft forest biome at night. Skeletons, zombies, and creepers are typical to this rea, so be careful!

Creepy Crypt

Minecraft Dungeons Creepy Crypt Map

Source: Windows Central

The Creepy Crypt is unlocked via the Creeper Woods and is a large stone dungeon with various types of mobs, typically of the undead and creepy variety. Hidden chests and random puzzles can spawn in this area, which grant powerful loot.

Soggy Cave

Minecraft Dungeons Soggy Cave Map

Source: Windows Central

The Soggy Cave is a hidden level found from inside the Soggy Swamp. It’s a relatively small level, with a few puzzles for good measure.

Pumpkin Pastures

Minecraft Dungeons Pumpkin Pastures Map

Source: Windows Central

After the Creeper Forest, you’ll head to Pumpkin Pastures, which is made up of burned-out villages under attack by the Arch Illager and his forces. Expect to battle a boss here.

Arch Haven

Minecraft Dungeons Arch Haven Map

Source: Windows Central

Arch Haven is a hidden level you can find through Pumpkin Pastures. It’s almost like a small seaside resort, but the Illagers are swarming the area and using it to perform some sort of spell. Go and ruin their plans, and maybe get some loot in the process.

Cacti Canyon

Minecraft Dungeons Cacti Canyon Map

Source: Windows Central

Cacti Canyon is a sun-scorched biome with plenty of cacti plants and charming Western, cowboy-themed music. This zone is populated with angry Illagers and other random nasties. Watch out for those bloody Geomancers especially.

Redstone Mines

Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Mines Map

Source: Windows Central

The Redstone Mines detail a far more claustrophobic atmosphere than most of the other levels. Long narrow hallways, sparkling caverns, and lava floes await in the Redstone Mines.

Desert Temple

Minecraft Dungeons Desert Temple Map

Source: Windows Central

The Desert Temple is a large complex full of skeletal remnants of a forgotten empire. Full of necromancers and great loot for Soul-oriented builds, the Desert Temple is a fun level with an epic boss battle.

Fiery Forge

Minecraft Dungeons Fiery Forge Map

Source: Windows Central

The Fiery Forge is a complex underground facility where the Arch-Illager constructs his Redstone golems. Full of lava and angry Illagers, the Fiery Forge is also home to a rather large, dangerous boss.

Highblock Halls

Minecraft Dungeons Highblock Halls Map

Source: Windows Central

Highblock Halls is the Arch-Illagers castle, crammed with his Illager minions, now clad in heavy armor and huge shields.


Minecraft Dungeons Underhalls Map

Source: Windows Central

Underhalls is a secret level off of Highblock Halls. It’s the castle’s cellars and catacombs, full of mobs, and loot!

Obsidian Pinnacle

Minecraft Dungeons Obsidian Pinnacle Map

Source: Windows Central

The final level (as far as we know… this game is full of secrets), Obsidian Pinnacle is the upper echelons of the Arch-Illager’s castle. As you ascend the towers of the castle, you’ll face off against the Arch-Illager himself at the end, so come prepared.

Future areas?

Minecraft Dungeons New Screens

Minecraft Dungeons New ScreensSource: Microsoft

The world map has variety of other locations, including temples, fortresses, mountains, swamps, and practically every other biome from Minecraft you can imagine. It stands to reason that one day, we may even see the Nether or The End depicted in Minecraft Dungeons too. The sky really is the limit on what they can add, and we can’t wait to find out more of what’s to come. A DLC ad on the world map also refers to “Island” adventures coming in a future DLC, so maybe pirates too?!

Secret level (spoilers)

The game also has a very special secret level, in tribute to old-school ARPG Diablo II. Read about that over here, but don’t read if you’d rather discover it for yourself!

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