List of Gears 5 weapon skins

Gears 5 marks the latest from the gritty shooter, packing a new suite of challenges, with tools of destruction to tackle them. Microsoft has doubled down on its cosmetics lineup, serving a variety of collectible vanity items up for grabs.

Injecting a personal flair into your favorite firearms, Gears 5 already packs a rich assortment of weapon skins at launch. While preorder and merchandise opportunities lock down dozens of unlocks, progression milestones, “Tour of Duty” ranking, and microtransactions also grant in-game wraps for your guns. And with a stream of content on the horizon, there is plenty more to come. We’ve wrapped up every Gears 5 weapon skin so far, as of launch.

Lancer MK 3 Assault Rifle

Gnasher Shotgun

  • AAPE Black Camo Gnasher Weapon Skin (AAPE Pack)
  • Art Deco Gnasher Weapon Skin
  • Black Phantom Gnasher Weapon Skin (Gears Challenge)
  • C H I L L Gnasher Weapon Skin (Tour of Duty, Operation 1)
  • DeeBee Gnasher Weapon Skin
  • Factory Gnasher Weapon Skin
  • Gilded Gnasher Weapon Skin (Gears Challenge)
  • Graffiti Gnasher Weapon Skin (Marcus Fenix Action Figure)
  • Halo: Reach Noble Team Gnasher Weapon Skin (Gears 5 Ultimate Edition)
  • Ice Block Gnasher Weapon Skin (Gears 5 Seagate Game Drive 5TB)
  • Neon Wave Gnasher Weapon Skin
  • Team Metal Gnasher Weapon Skin (Tour of Duty, Operation 1)
  • Team Rock Gnasher Weapon Skin (Tour of Duty, Operation 1)

Snub Pistol

Boltok Revolver

Boomshot Grenade Launcher

Dropshot Munitions Launcher

Enforcer Submachine Gun

Embar Railgun

Hammerburst Assault Rifle

Lancer GL Assault Rifle

Longshot Sniper Rifle

Markza MK1 Marksman Rifle

Overkill Shotgun

Retro Lancer MK1 Assault Rifle

Breaker Mace

Talon Pistol

“Claw” Light Machine Gun

Torque Bow

With fresh Gears 5 on the roadmap for months to come, expect regular new additions to this list going forward.

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