Lingering Android 11 bug prevents controller input on some phones

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It’s been a while since Android 11 final release came in August with the unsolved issue of game controller input being ignored on the OS, or not letting players map the keys. Users on multiple devices have noticed this problem time and again – agonizingly the issue is still not solved. Strangely, Android 11 is the only operating system on which this irking problem occurs. Phones on which the problem has been noticed include Google Pixel devices, Samsung Galaxy S20FE, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and in some cases OnePlus devices too.

Gamers who are experiencing this are livid as not only does it affect the local gameplay but also streaming options in-game. Just imagine streaming your favorite game without any controller input – that’s in a way ridiculous.

The streaming services bugged by this issue include Google’s own Stadia, GeForce Now, and Xbox Game Pass. For an Android gamer, it’s going to be utterly frustrating since all these services need gamepad support. The only exception being the Stadia Controller that bypasses the Android device connection won’t be bugged.

For now, Google doesn’t have the solution but a few temporary workarounds to fix it. If you are one of those unlucky ones, go and disable a certain accessibility service for an app on your device and the controller starts to work. You can check the accessibility options carefully to see which app might be causing the bug.

That’s the only way to overcome it for now until Google patches it hopefully in the next update. Apparently, Xbox Game Pass has been reported to be the most affected for now, and it is expected that Google will come with a solution shorty.

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