Life is Strange creator Dontnod opens new office in Montreal

Dontnod has announced that it is opening a new studio in Montreal to be led by former Life is Strange creators Luc Baghadoust and Michel Koch, acting as Executive Producer and Creative Director, respectively. The company is planning on hiring for a first wave of positions by the end of this year.

“With the formation of a new team on another continent, we are writing a new page of Dontnod’s history,” said Koch. “It’s also a new beginning for new characters and original stories that we hope will touch and inspire many players around the world. Each of our projects taught us more about our creative strength and weaknesses but at the end of the day, our community remains the best reflection of our craft. We want to keep progressing and offer our fans new interactive experiences more inclusive, impactful and filled with empathy.”

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Because the pandemic is still on-going, Dontnod does not have a permanent office set up in Montreal just yet, and it did not provide a timetable for when this would happen. For now, employees will be working out of a temporary office.

Dontnod is known for the narrative adventure series Life is Strange, along with the newly released Tell Me Why. The studio has a penchant for developing diverse games that center around racism, mental health, LGBT issues, and more. It’s upcoming game, Twin Mirror, is set to release in December.

Three episodes

Tell Me Why

Grief comes in many forms

Dontnod’s latest narrative adventure is Tell Me Why, a 3-episode story centering around the Ronan twins. After a tragic event when they’re kids changes the course of their lives, they come together as adults to unravel their past. They might not always like the answers they find.

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