LG’s 27-inch 1440p screen is great for gaming and down to its lowest price

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LG’s 27GL850-B 27-inch Ultragear Nano IPS 1440p gaming monitor was going for as much as $500 in March and was still as high as $450 in July. Today’s drop to $359.99 on Amazon is a brand new low for this display. The sale even beats out a deal we shared back in June when it dropped to $390, and that seemed like a fantastic price at the time. You can also find this sale price available at Best Buy.

I personally use this monitor. I have two of them in fact, and they are great screens. One monitor is actually the LG 27GL83-A, the version that doesn’t include a USB hub, but the two displays are virtually identical and make a great pairing for my workstation. With today’s deal the version with a USB hub is actually cheaper, which is not the norm. These monitors have always been popular and remain so because they have such a great balance of features and price.

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What you’ll get is a 27-inch screen with a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, a 144Hz refresh rate, and a 1ms response time. The display has an IPS panel, which is unusual for a monitor that can handle a 1ms response time. It does so using LG’s Nano IPS tech, and some reviews have said it’s one of the fastest response times ever measured for a panel like this.

It also has adaptive sync technology built into it. The native adaptive sync works with AMD’s FreeSync, so if you have an AMD graphics card you can reduce motion blur while gaming or watching high-octane action movies. It is also officially Nvidia G-Sync compatible, which means if you have a Nvidia graphics card from the 20xx series or newer you can plug it in via the DisplayPort to get G-Sync functionality. DP is also how you get the maximum 144Hz refresh rate, so it’s definitely the way to go.

You can adjust the tilt, height, and pivot of the stand the monitor comes with. It also has the Vesa 100 x 100mm standard on the back so you can mount it to an arm or the wall.

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