LG Wing teardown video shows off swiveling design, repairability

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LG Wing Teardown

As early as May, we learned about the LG Wing concept phone. It was said to come with a T-shaped display. Back then, we thought it would remain as a concept device. Fast forward to August, the LG Wing smartphone was shown off with a smaller and secondary display. Its secondary screen was used for gaming. It was soon confirmed as the first Explorer Project device. We’ve seen it in action before the official launch as a dual-display swivel smartphone.

LG was generous enough to show off the LG Wing Portrait, Swivel, Horizontal, and Vertical modes ahead of the product launch. The phone was introduced with a swiveling display design and a gimbal motion camera.

The LG Wing is making an impression with its swivel mechanism. A recent video addressed durability concerns and today, we’re seeing this teardown by Zack Nelson. JerryRigEverything actually received a unit from LG. It was a pre-production unit and not a retail unit. That’s brave enough of LG to do so since a pre-production phone may not be as durable.

The video reveals more of the phone’s swiveling mechanism. We agree this is one innovative phone and the design inside proves it. We can’t say if LG will sell millions of this smartphone but we can see the potential since larger screen real estate is all the rage now. While other bigger brands are working on flexible and foldable phones, here is LG with a different design.

A swiveling phone may not be popular but this particular teardown proves LG is all for innovation. Opening it up is easy with some adhesive, connectors, and screws. Removing and separating the two parts is a bit challenging but possible.

LG’s swiveling mechanism was well thought of. LG did plan this design. It looks robust and seems to last long. It appears modular and easy to open and further tear down which means repairability may be easy. Another impressive part of the video was that Zack Nelson was able to put everything back to its place.

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