LG Wing swivel mechanism video addresses durability concerns

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Ever since LG Wing burst to the scene with its swanky swivel screen contraption, there were countless questions about the durability aspect. For a phone that is right in the center of flagship realms, the device shouts out loud with its unique design which seems to derive inspiration from the nostalgic sliding phones. Rather than the simple slide mechanism, Wing swivels in the 90 degrees axis for a perpendicular orientation with the secondary screen underneath. Also, the pop-up selfie camera should not be ignored – after all, it too has a mechanical movement.

LG is having all ears open, and to lay all the speculations and doubts about the long-term practicality of their extravagant smartphone to rest – they’ve released a fresh video. The CGI explains the winged – pivot mechanism which sandwiches between the chassis and the main display and the secondary display. The trick is to have a holstered dual spring along with the double-tracked guide for the precise movement.

To absorb any physical shocks to the mechanism, LG employed a hydraulic piston for dampening. The integrity of this hardware is tested for 200,000-cycles in controlled environment by robotic arms. So, any questions about it being not durable can be masked for now. Although real-life usage will surely bring up some unexpected scenarios.

In the video, LG also highlights the 260 grams weight of the phone – 22 grams lighter than Galaxy Z Fold 2. This is possible with the lighter plastic OLED displays, basically “two displays assembled into one” having a lightweight metal frame in between. LG also boasts the self-retreating selfie camera which detects falls to avoid any physical damage to the lens. The phone does come with MIL-STD-810G rating against falls from 120cm at 26 different angles that is definitely reassuring.

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