LG Velvet Dual Screen: Watch the durability test video here

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LG Velvet Dual Screen Durability Test 1

We didn’t really forget the LG Velvet as suggested by Zack Nelson in his Durability Test. In fact, it’s been on our mind especially since we’re hearing more about the LG Wing with a secondary screen. The idea may be similar to the LG Dual Screen but with improvements. JerryRigEverything finally did his stress tests for the LG Velvet since it was recently made widely available in the United States via T-Mobile and Verizon. The video shows how the phone and the Dual Screen are scratched, burned, bent, and opened.

The main subject is the LG Velvet 5G. It comes with a detachable second display that will be opened later in the video. The phone is only considered a mid-range phone but it already comes with 5G connectivity.

Noticeable is the minimalist raindrop-style camera. The phone looks premium but it only runs Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G or the Dimensity 5G chipset. The display scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7. Other sides of the LG Velvet have been scratched as well.

Zack noted there is no earpiece grill. You only see a slit where the stereo sound comes out. The phone is made from aluminum and is IP68 water-resistant. Other features we see is the metal Google Assistant button on one side, below the up-down volume rocker. On the other side are the power button and more metal on the edge. The SIM card tray is also on one side. A headphone jack is still present.

Other specs and features of the phone are as follows: 48MP main camera, 5MP depth camera, 8MP ultra-wide camera, flash, wireless charging on the back, 6.8-inch P OLED 1080p display that lasts 25 seconds under the heat before turning white. The screen recovers but with permanent damage.

The bend test reveals some flexiness from the back and front. There is no permanent damage at all but the back glass separates from the frame.

Zack Nelson does a quick teardown of the second display. With some heat and razer, the screen is removed and lifted in one piece. It appears the secondary screen is made similar to the main LG Velvet phone.

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