LG ThinQ mobile app offers helpful features, reports

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LG Wing LG ThinQ

LG has recently introduced a mobile app that will be very useful to all customers. The app may even convince potential customers to go for LG with the kind of customer care and service the company provides. The LG ThinQ app is more of a smart home appliance management app that allows you to manage your LG products in one location. It offers information and access to Smart Life, Home Appliance Report, Care Solution, and Campaign. What the app does is analyze the history and behavior of a user.

The LG ThinQ app offers Proactive Customer Care. The goal is to make sure the consumers are given all necessary reports about installation, usage details, and alerts about potential problems. The app is free to download and install from the Google Play Store.

All you need is WiFi to connect. Make sure you register your smart product so the app can connect with them.

The mobile app lets you check on your smart home appliances like water purifiers, air purifier, or dryer. More products will be added to the ecosystem. For now, it can tell you when dust concentration is high. Once detected it can suggest that you turn on the air purifier. It can even tell you different information that may be helpful to your everyday life.

Your product usage patterns are analzyed and then a household appliance report is generated. It is presented to the user every week. Your history of receiving care services and solutions is managed by the app. This is where you can keep track of all solution services.

There is also a Campaign section on the menu that tells a user if he is contributing to a good cause. For example, using water purifier helps in reducing plastic because you no longer buy bottled water.

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