LG teases upcoming phone with slide-out display

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Yesterday LG announced its Wing 5G – a swiveling smartphone with two displays. It’s a different approach to dual-screen smartphones, to say the least, and LG is betting big on this innovative style of devices with its new Explorer Project range.

LG teases upcoming phone with slide-out display

As LG’s Andrew Coughlin explained the Explorer Project is about taking risks and pursuing new opportunities in smartphone design and functionality with practical innovations for consumers.

And just as yesterday’s keynote came to its end, LG brought up “one more thing” giving us a teaser of its next Explorer Project device – a slide-out display phone.

The teaser ends abruptly followed by a “hold your breath” mark and a reminder that this device is part of the LG Explorer Project though the message is clear LG is working on a roll-out display phone. There’s no more details on the device in question but we’ll surely hear about it soon enough.

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