LG Stylo 5+ available on AT&T as an enhanced Stylo 5

The LG Stylo 5 was first made available on Cricket Wireless and then a few months later, it hit Metro and T-Mobile. The phone is getting a minor upgrade and follow up in the form of the LG Stylo 5+. This time, it’s AT&T releasing the new Android smartphone that boasts a large 6.2-inch FHD+ screen, FullVision Display, 8MP selfie shooter, and a 16MP main camera with portrait mode. The device also features Screen off memo and Fingerprint ID. It’s only a mid-range device so don’t expect any ultra-premium specs.

The $299.99 LG Stylo 5+ comes with a large screen but it can fit perfectly in your hand. As with most LG phones, this one looks simple yet stylish. The audio delivers impressive listening, gaming, and streaming experience especially when you’re using a pair of headphones.

In the camera department, there is no dual rear or dual selfie camera system. The single 16MP camera with flash and 4x digital zoom is enough. The 8MP front-facing camera also offers decent shooting options.

The rear camera is capable of doing a panorama, guide shot, flash jump-cut, auto shot, burst shot, gesture shot, beauty shot, snap shot, and a grid shot. Other features include a quick editor, AE/AF lock, timer, and a smart rear key.

AT&T is offering the smartphone with a $299.99 retail price. It still requires a qualified service from the carrier. The phone can also be availed with only a $10 monthly payment for 30 months but only if you have a well-qualified credit and service.

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