LG Poland under fire for releasing “pervert” video to promote Dual Screen

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You would think that in this day and age, brands have to be careful with the material that they put out and make sure they don’t cross any lines. We’ve seen people call out brands for racist, sexist, and offensive ads that they’ve put out over the years. We sometimes wonder how they even got through the approval process in the first place. It’s the turn of LG Poland now as a video released on TikTok for their Dual Screen devices seems to make fun of a on old man using the feature for perverted purposes.

LG has already pulled down the video from the LG Poland Tiktok account and released an official statement, apologizing for the “ill-conceived” video. They admitted that it did not go through the proper approval process for social media content and it also did not meet the standards and policies of the company. They will of course not name any of the people or departments involved but some heads may have rolled because of the stir this has caused.

But even if the video has been taken down from their official TikTok, the Internet never forgets of course. Twitter user Ruben Chicharro posted it to bring attention to how this could have been approved by LG Poland given its content. He identified a certain Youtuber @sawardega as the user that created the video for the company. It’s not clear if he was commissioned to do so or if he did it without permission, but the fact that it was posted on official channels is already questionable.

For those who did not see the video or do not want to, it shows an old man trying to take upskirt photos of a young girl. She hears the sound and confronts him but when she swipes right, she only sees selfies so she says sorry and returns the device. The man swipes left to show the photos he took of the girl without her consent and he’s pretty pleased with this Dual Screen feature of the LG V60 Thinq.

LG quickly responded to this issue so let’s see if the Internet will forgive them for this faux pas. This is another lesson for brands to be more careful with the content creators they work with and the kind of content that they’ll put out there for your brand.

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