LG phone with extendible display teased after launch

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LG Wing Teaser Extendable Display

LG has officially announced the new LG Wing phone. What used to be a concept is now a reality. The South Korean tech company’s new smartphone offering is ready with a swiveling display and a gimbal motion camera. It’s a unique and innovative design that offers new mobile experiences. LG live-streamed the launch and towards the end of event, the company showed another teaser. At first, we thought we saw a stylus but it looks like another device with an extending screen.

An LG phone with an extendible display? That sounds like something LG will consider. It may not venture into the foldable phone game yet but it may try something different. From a Dual Screen to the LG Wing to a mystery phone, LG seems to be on a roll when it comes to experimenting.

The LG Explorer Project is something that makes this possible. We’re assuming LG is really into exploring and giving what the market wants. We just don’t know how much money LG is making or losing when it comes to such projects.

The next phone from LG may come with an extended display. That is just based on the video. Watch the last few seconds and “hold your breath”:

The LG Wing is the very first step of the Explorer Project. An LG executive shared the vision: to explore new form factors, new experiences, and new adventures. LG is known to be constantly creating and taking risks as it challenges itself to pursue new opportunities with a pioneering spirit. Yes, that sounds like the LG we used to know.

So what could be the next phone from LG? A new smartphone with an extendible display–something that you can pull out. We doubt it’s a new stylus. It’s not another pop-up selfie camera either. Others think it’s also an extending screen so let’s wait and see.

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