LG Innotek builds smallest Bluetooth low energy module for IoT

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Bluetooth modules are an integral part of devices for wireless commination. Over the years the size of these modules has shrunk to meet the needs of wearable and smaller devices part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Now to give IoT manufacturers an option to design products more freely in sizes they want – LG Innotek has developed a Bluetooth low energy module billed as the smallest in the world.

LG Innotek CEO Cheol-Dong Jeong recently announced that the component manufacturer has designed and developed the “world’s smallest Bluetooth low energy (BLE) module for IoT.” The low power consuming module is specially designed for IoT devices such as glucose measuring patches, wireless earphones, smart lighting, switches, hearing aids, and more, which consume limited power for their functioning.

Measuring only 6mm x 4mm, this component is 75 percent of the previously available smallest BLE module. It boasts of 30 percent increase in telecommunication performance over the currently available modules. Unlike the current modules that disconnect the Bluetooth connectivity when access is required behind obstacles – such as a wall; the LG module is able to send and receive data even if there are obstacles.

The possibility of outstanding communication and smooth transmission of data even if there are multiple obstacles is made possible by use of “differentiated RF signal design technology and integrated antenna.” The grain-sized module is fitted with over 20 components including ICs, resistors, and inductors and is inclined at changing the way we perceive smart lighting, gizmos, and healthcare devices today.

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