LG G8X ThinQ’s new mode will bring “satisfaction” to ASMR fans

If you spend hours on YouTube just going through the numerous videos that have Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or more popularly known as ASMR. Basically, you get comfort or satisfaction from listening to ordinary activities like whispering, cutting up vegetables, washing hands, and other things that have a specific, unique sound. Its popularity led LG to develop an ASMR mode for its LG G8X ThinQ so you can record your own ASMR sounds whether you want to create videos for this or just for your own personal aural pleasure.

With the ASMR mode, you will be able to record the activities you believe fits into this category and maximize the sensitivity of your device’s microphone just by pressing a button. It will then digitize the analog sound and remove the errors or extra sounds from the original source. So after the digitization, you’ll get a cleaner and purer version of the audio for your video. LG claims that it’s the “purest” recording on any existing smartphone right now.

The LG audio engineers spent six months recording, listening, tweaking, and then re-recording different objects that are associated with ASMR sounds. They’re probably some of the most relaxed or sleepy engineers you’ll find out there after this testing. Aside from objects, they also went outside to capture and test sounds like rustling grass, falling raindrops, etc. The mode will not just record it clearly but it will be recorded in high quality without the noise.

They also consulted with the top ASMR YouTubers in South Korea (yes, they’re a thing, really) as they developed the mode. They were able to get insights from these content creators as they may probably be the primary market that will be using this recording mode. The engineers themselves had fun trying to record different objects and activities so that they’ll be able to perfectly capture what ASMR fans are looking for.

For now, it’s only the LG G8X ThinQ that has the ASMR mode as it’s the only device they have that has the capacity to do so. No word yet if upcoming devices will also carry this in the future.

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