LG Chem develops new cover window technology, coating for foldable devices

LG Chem Cover Window Technology

LG may have already pulled out of the mobile business but it will continue to work on displays. The LG Chem group has received developed a new foldable display material technology using new materials. By integrating different new materials and already available coating technologies, LG was able to come up with a foldable cover window. This ‘Real Folding Window’ is described as hard as glass but is still flexible to be folded as plastic. The material used can bring the foldable market to the next level with impressive performance.

The display is thin but can prevent cracks. The folding area sees improvement from the existing products available.

LG IT Materials Division Leader and Vice President Chang Do Ki said, “We will strengthen our partnerships with leading companies of the smartphone industry and expand our market starting with mobiles and going on to new foldable applications such as laptops and tablets.”

The cover windows are said to be core materials located on the externals of most mobile devices. They are used to protect the display from drops and scratches. They also help in delivering sharper images.

LG’s new display technology will be known for its transmittance and durability. Its curved characteristics can be folded flexibly. It can also provide optimized solutions for foldable smartphones like making improvements to common issues such as fold impressions usually found on the connecting part of the display.

The ‘Real Folding Window’ used a new coating material that is thick on both sides of the PET film. The latter is a thin plastic. The improvement is better mechanical properties and improved heat-resistance.

It is thinner but is harder than other displays and doesn’t show any cracks on the screen. Even folded over 200,000 times, the screen is flexible and durable.

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