LG announces its first gaming laptop, the 17G90Q

LG announced a new UltraGear gaming laptop today. The model number of the new device is 17G90Q, but LG simply calls it the LG UltraGear gaming laptop in its press release. The new piece of hardware from LG has high-end specs that can compete with the best gaming laptops.

With an 11th Gen Intel Tiger Lake H processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Max-Q graphics inside, the UltraGear gaming laptop should be able to handle the best PC games as well as any competitor. It has a 17-inch display with a 1 ms response time and a 300 Hz refresh rate.

While not as light as the LG gram lineup, The UltraGear gaming laptop takes inspiration from the company’s slimmer laptops. The UltraGear gaming laptop is under 21.4 mm thick and weighs less than 2.7 kg. Some of that weight is due to the 93Wh battery inside the UltraGear gaming laptop.

For context, the 2020 Razer Blade Pro, which also has a 17-inch display, weighs 2.75 kg and is 19.9 mm thick.

The UltraGear gaming laptop has a two-way speaker system that supports DTS: Ultra.

The LG UltraGear gaming laptop will be available in the United States and South Korea in early 2022. A price for the device has not been shared at this time. LG states that the laptop will arrive in other markets in the future.

More details about the LG UltraGear gaming laptop will be shared at CES on January 4, 2022.

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