Levi’s Smart Jacket with Jacquard version 2.0 available soon

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Levi’s Trucker with Jacquard by Google

Some of you may have forgotten about it but Google has been working with Levis for several years now. Since the year 2015, Google had the Project Jacquard which was first introduced at a developer conference. We then said Levis would be releasing a smart fabric jacket on Google’s Jacquard platform. The result was a smart jacket. The Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket with Google’s Jacquard is proof that wearable technology has a future. It may not be popular as expected but it has certainly caught the attention of both the fashion world and the tech industry.

Levis has continued to work with Google on this special piece. The Levi’s Trucker Jacket with Jacquard by Google is made of fabric with built-in tech. You’ve probably seen this before but if you haven’t, you’ll be glad to know this one can be “accessed” by gestures.

The smart jacket will soon include technical expertise. It’s been over two years since the first jacket was released. This year’s version is said to be more affordable but more useful and more advanced. Both men and women can get the Classic Trucker and Sherpa Trucker styles.

The wearable innovation is more real this time because you’re more connected. Hand gestures are enough to do many things like access rideshare apps, navigation, messages, music, and weather and traffic reports among others. The gestures are read by the Jacquard Tag. The new features of jacket version 2.0 can also be added to jacket version 1.0.

The Levi’s Trucker Jacket with Jacquard by Google will be available in key markets such as Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, and the USA. The smart jacket will be available in select Levi’s Stores in the countries mentioned.

To review, the Levi’s Trucker with Jacquard by Google comes with the following features controlled by gestures: My Day (time, weather, calendar); Always Together (alert if you use phone); Camera (to launch phone’s camera); Music (control and playback); Phone and Messaging (answer/end calls); Navigation (get ETA/on-demand directions)l and Ride Share (when car will arrive). Pricing is set at $198 and $248 for the Classic Trucker and Sherpa Trucker, respectively. You can also buy from Levi.com.

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