Lenovo’s ThinkBook Plus packs an E Ink display on the outside cover

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Lenovo announced the ThinkBook Plus at CES 2020, a unique laptop with a secondary E Ink display. The E Ink Display can be used to read documents, but also supports Lenovo’s Precision Pen so you can draw and ink on the display. The ThinkBook Plus will be available in March 2020, starting at $1,199.

The ThinkBook Plus isn’t the first device to feature a secondary E Ink display, but Lenovo frames its purpose a bit differently than some other companies. Many companies only focus on E Ink’s battery advantages, but Lenovo points out that it built the ThinkBook Plus to make working more efficient. The E Ink display is just part of its overall package. You can draw and mark up the E Ink display, so you aren’t distracted by the rest of your laptop in meetings. The laptop supports Modern Standby, which means that while the lid is closed, you can still see notifications for calendar appointments, instant messages, and emails.

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Lenovo also put support for Amazon Alexa in the ThinkBook Plus. Alexa can be accessed even when the laptop is closed, making it easy to perform certain tasks without opening the device. The laptop also has Skype hotkeys to streamline Skype communication.

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