Lenovo’s new G-Series monitors are built for budget-friendly gaming

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Lenovo Thinkvision P27u 20The Lenovo ThinkVision P27u-20 professional monitor.Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Lenovo announced three new monitors at Tech World 2021, the ThinkVision P27u-20, the Lenovo G27e-20, and the Lenovo G24e-20. The ThinkVision monitor is a professional display, while the G27e-20 and G24e-20 are gaming monitors. Lenovo looks to compete with the best monitors and best gaming monitors with its expanded lineup.

The ThinkVision P27u-20 is a 27-inch monitor with a resolution of 3840 x 2160. It has factory calibrated color accuracy, including covering 99.1% DCI-P3 and 99.5% Adobe RGB. Its screen is VESA Certified DisplayHDR 400, which means it should deliver realistic brightness and darkness.

On the ports side of things, the ThinkVision P27u-20 has Thunderbolt 4 docking display capability. It features multiple USB 3.2 ports, including a Thunderbolt 4 port that supports up to 40Gbps of data and power up to 100W. The monitor also has a 27W power out port for charging smartphones and other devices.

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Lenovo G27e 20 And G24e

The new Lenovo G27e-20 and G24e-20 gaming monitors.Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Moving to gaming, the Lenovo G27e-20 and G24e-20 are from the company’s new line of consumer G-Series gaming monitors. Both monitors support AMD FreeSync Premium and have a 1 ms Moving Picture Response Time (MRPT). They also both have displays with a refresh rate of 100Hz. Each monitor can hit an overclock refresh rate of 120Hz. The Lenovo G27e-20 has a 27-inch display, while the Lenovo G24e-20 has a 23.8-inch screen. The displays of the new gaming monitors are FHD (1920 x 1080). Each new G-Series are Lenovo Eyesafe, which means they reduce blue light.

The ThinkVision P27u-20 will be available in December 2021 for $769. The Lenovo G27e-20 and Lenovo G24e-20 launch in October 2021 at $240 and $210, respectively.

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