Lenovo Smart Display reboot loop issue fix finally released

Lenovo Smart Display bootloop issue update

That was quick. Reports about the Lenovo Smart Displays getting stuck in update reboot loop surface only a couple of days ago but the company has already released a software update. The fast response was share on the same thread containing complaints on a Lenovo forum. According to Lenovo Slovakia’s Leader for Smart Device, Gaming & Spanish Community Miguel Gonzalez, the “loop has been resolved across all locales and devices.” He wrote a short note that started with thanks for the phone owners’ patience.

Lenovo will be rolling out an official software update that will fix the problem. The update is said to be automatically installed on all affected devices. No other actions are required by Lenovo. You just have to make sure your smart display unit is powered on and is connected to the internet.

The update should be available anytime soon. It’s not clear if this is a fix by Lenovo or the same one Google was telling us about. The failed update affected a lot of smart display owners because they are stuck in an update reboot loop. Here is the full response from Lenovo:

Hi Everyone,

First of all, thank you very much for your patience. I have some good news! The loop has been resolved across all locales and devices.

Please note that your devices will now be receiving a software update, no additional actions required from you guys as it will install automatically. Please make sure your device is plugged in so that you can receive the update.

Miguel Gonzalez
Smart Device, Gaming & Spanish Community Leader
Lenovo Slovakia

Actually, related reports have been shared online as early as mid-August but it’s only now that a fix is ready. What usually happens is that in the middle of an update, at around 45%, it stops, reboot, and tries to install again. It happens every time the update reaches the mentioned level.

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