Lenovo Legion Duel 2 video teardown investigates why it bent so easily

Earlier this month, Lenovo made the Legion Duel 2 gaming smartphone official, and Zack from JerryRigEverything promptly decided to subject it to his now-trademark “durability test”. The result was rather shocking, as the Duel 2 easily snapped in three parts during the bend test.

Today Zack’s back with a teardown video of the phone, hoping to see what on the inside explains the snapping in pieces. Before we get to that, though, the usual way of getting inside applies – heat plus razorblade.

The back glass comes out in thirds, which isn’t that surprising considering how the phone broke. The middle piece seems to be the most removal-resistant, as it breaks while being pried, and underneath that we can see the fans.

The ultrasonic buttons/triggers are glued into the frame, and the battery isn’t one battery but two. There’s a dual vibration motor inside as well, and some minor protections against water. The vapor chamber is among the biggest ever, helping keep the innards cool along with the fans.

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