Lenovo Legion 2 gets certified with 110W charging

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Lenovo has released its first Legion smartphones back in May 2020, and they had dual USB charging. A new Lenovo device has been certified at 3C, and it looks like the Legion 2 with a similar technology that will allow up to 110W charging rates.

Lenovo Legion 2 gets certified with 110W charging

In order to reach such high speeds, Lenovo has split the battery into two equal power cells, each charged from a different USB-C port. Both of them supported 45W in the first Legion, while the second iteration has 65W through one of the ports, while the other will remain at 45W, totaling up to 110W.

The Lenovo L70081, as is the model number of the new gaming device, will have a Snapdragon 888 chipset. We also expect lots of RAM, custom-made UI with plenty of boosters, but the biggest unknown will remain the phone’s price and availability outside China.

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