League of Legends’ K-pop band is releasing its first album this year

League of Legends is an incredibly popular PC game that continues to expand both its player base and its brand. League of Legends has expanded its universe into all kinds of things, but one of the more unique developments from the popular Riot Games franchise has been K/DA, a virtual K-pop band tied to League of Legends. And, according to a report from the Verge, “All Out,” the first EP album from K/DA, is set to release on November 6, 2020, to the surprising excitement of many fans.

For those of you who aren’t aware (I wasn’t until today), K/DA is a fascinating K-pop band comprised entirely of virtual characters. They’ve released singles, have collaborated with real-life K-pop stars, held AR concerts, and all of it has been… for League of Legends? I’m not certain where the connection is, but the bizarre mix of things here just seems to work, as K/DA appears to have a sizeable fanbase, and their every movement attracts attention for K/DA, Riot Games, and League of Legends.

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