Latest Windows 11 preview build aims to reduce your carbon emissions

It’s time for another Windows 11 Insider Preview build! Today’s build is 22567 and features a handful of notable new changes, including the introduction of yet more fluid animation improvements for tablet users. Starting with this build, the three finger swipe down gesture for minimizing app windows will now follow your finger for a more fluid experience.

Microsoft has spent the last three weeks improving the tablet user experience on Windows 11 significantly. This is the first time since Windows 8 that Microsoft has paid the tablet experience this much attention, and it’s great to see. Elsewhere in the build, Microsoft is updating the default apps UI with a WinUI design that matches the rest of the Windows 11 interface.

In the Settings app, Microsoft is adding text that will tell you about renewable energy, with Windows Update being one of those areas in this build. Windows Update will now try to schedule update installations at specific times in the day to reduce carbon emissions.

This is actually pretty cool. Microsoft is budding up with partners like electricityMap or WattTime to try and schedule Windows Updates for when the electrical grid is being powered by clean energy sources, reducing carbon emissions as a result.

Here’s the full changelog for this week’s build:

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