Latest Samsung Music update brings a few cosmetic changes

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Samsung Music is the company’s own music player app that’s optimized for its Android devices. It supports a variety of music file formats and provides many useful features, particularly for managing song lists.

The company has sent out a new update for its music player today. The latest version of Samsung Music brings a few cosmetic changes that will further improve the user experience.

New changes improve usability

Samsung Music version 16.2.25 is now rolling out. The app’s widget style has been changed. This has been done since support for One UI 3.0 has already been added. Widgets will be deleted on the home screen and users will need to add them again.

The album cover size and number has been changed in the horizontal screen. This allows for more effective control over track management. The menu tree user interface for Android Auto has also been improved. This change will make it easier for those who use Samsung Music in the car to navigate through their playlists.

Lastly, a slew of bug fixes are included in this update as well. The latest version of Samsung Music is now rolling out. Alternatively, you can download Samsung Music version 16.2.25 from our database.

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