Kuo: iPhone 15 Pro overheating due to compromised thermal design

You can’t have missed the reports that certain iPhone 15 Pro series phones have been found to overheat. People have been complaining about hot-running Pro models since they launched.

Now, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has released a note, concluding that the A17 Pro chipset isn’t to blame for the overheating but rather compromises Apple made in the design of the thermal system. The A17 Pro is built on TSMC’s advanced new 3nm node, which is very efficient, but apparently still outputs more heat than the phone can dissipate.

Kuo: iPhone 15 Pro overheating due to compromises in thermal design

Apple’s efforts to make the new iPhone Pro models lighter is the culprit here. Apple reportedly had to reduce the heat dissipation area, which in tandem with the higher heat conductivity of titanium results in worse heat management for the new chipset.

Apple will likely address the throttling issues with a software update, which can manage but not fix the problem. The only way to actually prevent a phone from overheating with a software update is to limit its performance and in turn power requirements so it generates less heat.

The theory by Kuo doesn’t quite explain why only a part of the phones are affected. We are not experiencing overheating on our review units for what it’s worth and forums discussing the issue have plenty of responses by people unable to replicate the problem. Could it be that different phones have different cooling pad materials? We’ll make sure to follow this and keep you updated.


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