Keep the signal strong wherever you are with TP-Link’s Wi-Fi router for $80

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Don’t miss out on your chance to upgrade your router during Amazon’s Prime Day. We’re seeing some really good prices on very powerful routers even from non-Amazon retailers as they contribute sales events of their own. The TP-Link Archer C2300 dual-band Wi-Fi router, for example, has dropped to $79.98 at Walmart. This was briefly on sale at Amazon but has since sold out. The $80 price matches the renewed price for this monitor even though it’s brand new. That’s always a good sign. It normally goes for $120 and has never dropped this low before.

The Archer C2300 router is powerful enough that you can watch 4K movies over wireless without noticing any interuptions. It has a powerful 1.8GHz dual-core processor with stream processing architecture that helps provide a super smooth experience even while multi-tasking.

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Other features like RangeBoost and Beamforming are designed to improve your Wi-Fi connection. RangeBoost ensures you can receive a strong connection even when far away from the router. Beamforming is a popular feature that helps direct your router’s signal exactly where it needs to go, delivering the strongest signal to your device even as you move about.

The C2300 also has MU-MIMO technology. Essentially, in a modern home there are dozens of devices trying to share the wireless connection. You’ve got smartphones and tablets and computers and TVs and smart speakers and all of that. MU-MIMO helps ensure all of those devices can connect at once, stay connected, and always have a strong signal.

Prime Day is almost over so check out other ways to save before it all disappears!

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