John Legere will step down as T-Mobile’s CEO next May

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As per a Tweet sent by T-Mobile CEO John Legere, a new T-Mobile CEO will succeed Legere starting on May 1 2020. The transition has been under development fora while and made public early Monday morning via press release before Legere Tweeted about it.

Mike Sievert is committed to the successful Un-carrier strategy, demonstrating that T-Mobile will remain a disruptive force in US wireless marketplace to benefit consumers.

John Legere will continue as CEO through end of his contract on April 30, 2020 and will focus on a smooth leadership transition and closing the Sprint acquisition.

Mike Sievert is currently President and COO of T-Mobile and leads all marketing groups, retail, sales, and customer support groups for T-Mobile and its brands. Sievert has also been on the T-Mobile Board of Directors for almost 2 years and worked closely with Legere on the planning of the merger with Sprint. Sievert will be tasked with closing the ongoing acquisition of Sprint.

Legere was credited with transforming T-Mobile over the past several years with many “Un-carrier” movements, thus putting competitive pressure on its rivals during a time when phones demanded more data and carriers stopped offering unlimited data plans. Over time, T-Mobile improved its customer service centers, added millions of customers, and over customer satisfaction shot up.

Under Legere, T-Mobile made an $8 billion purchase for 600 MHz spectrum from the FCC to expand LTE coverage and range eventually 5G connectivity.


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