Jacquard by Google makes everyday products smarter

Just the other day, we showed you the Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket with Jacquard by Google. The smart jacket is actually available in men’s and women’s versions. It’s also more affordable and more accessible now. The techie jacket is proof that you can improve on every items and technology. It used to be just a dream—smart clothing—but thanks to Google for its many efforts in enhancing life. At present, mobile tech is getting more advanced with AI and cloud. Wearables now go beyond smartwatches and fitness trackers. In the recent past, we’ve seen smart rings and smart glasses.

Ambient computing is brought about by the idea that everyday things can turn ito digital experiences. There are plenty of smart devices available for the home. For Google, it wants to provide more accessibility and convenience with the Jacquard tech.

At the moment, a small tag is available. It’s what makes the Levi’s Trucker and Sherpa Jackets “smart”. The Jacquard tag is placed inside a slot in the cuff of the jacket. It may be added to other clothing pieces or accessories like maybe a bag or shoes.

The Levi’s smart jacket series is only one. There’s also the Cit-E backpack by Saint Laurent. It comes with Jacquard technology. As with the smart jacket, it connects via a Jacquard app where you can change Jacquard options.

Some important features of the Jacquard tech include navigation, Always Together, rideshare or SMS alerts, and music control among others. The Jacquard tag also now includes new Google Assistant features and a Camera ability. The Ask Assistant feature lets you come up with own Jacquard ability.

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