Jabra Enhance Plus earbuds ready for those with hearing problem

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Jabra Enhance Plus Wireless Earbuds 2

It’s been months since we last featured anything new from Jabra. The last pair was the Jabra Elite 85t ANC Earbuds released in new colors. This time, we are learning about the Jabra Enhance Plus— a new pair of wireless earbuds that is ideal for most activities where listening to audio or music. It’s been designed for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. They may be ideal for those who need some help but are not ready for real, all-day hearing aids.

The new pair of earbuds is smaller than most Jabra earbuds we’ve seen in the market. It is still powerful though with up to ten hours of battery life. That is only on a single full charge of the batteries. You can enjoy up to 30 hours with the charging case.

Jabra adds three sizes of EarGels so you can choose the perfect fit. For dust- and water-resistance, we can trust its IP52 rating. The wireless earbuds can be used like regular earbuds for taking calls and listening to music.

Use the pair with the Jabra Enhance app so you can customize the music settings and set up the controls. Other special features include a warp compressor to analyze sound, digital noise reduction, and a binaural beam former that isolates sound.

Feedback interfence can be reduced with sound amplification, thanks to digital feedback suppression. The pair also features onboard controls for volume and music playback.

The Jabra Enhance Plus is sold only on select hearing care clinics. You can’t just buy a pair from any audio retailer or store. Hearing care professionals need to do a full hearing test and assessment first before they can allow you to purchase a pair.

No word on Jabra Enhance Plus’ pricing but we’ll know once the pair hits the market. It hasn’t been approved as a medical device yet but the brand is already working on it.

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