It’s time for a little less hate and a little more love for the Galaxy Fold

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The Galaxy Fold has been finding it difficult to shake off the negative perception. That’s because the device got off to a rocky start. Samsung had to recall the initial review units because of some very obvious issues that needed fixing. Since then, many have relegated the Galaxy Fold to the trash bin.We have seen many online publications, including ours, talk about the many problems that the Galaxy Fold still has. To be honest, I’m kind of done with all that. It’s justified for bloggers and journalists to be critical of something, but it just seems that in all of this pragmatism, we have lost the love for technology.The bar is being set unnecessarily high for the Galaxy Fold, a device that is in its first generation. One has to keep in mind that this is an entirely different form factor. It brings technologies and materials that have never been used before for a smartphone. Can you really hold it against the device for not ticking all of the boxes?I have seen some of the most strange coverage about the Galaxy Fold in recent weeks. People are actively trying to see what it takes to destroy a Galaxy Fold. Sure, you can chalk that up to trying to be different in a crowded online media environment, but it betrays a flawed approach to understanding new technology.The Galaxy Fold has understandably not been able to survive these “tests,” because they’re just so unrealistic. I’ve been using the Galaxy Fold for more than a month now and I’ve never had the itch to strap it on a robot and see how many times it can be folded and unfolded with more force than I would apply using my own two hands. Such content may be good for hits, or if you have another objective, to bash the Galaxy Fold. However, it’s not an accurate representation of this groundbreaking new technology.It’s as if the objective here is to somehow prove that Samsung made the wrong product. Why are people going against the Galaxy Fold as if they have a personal vendetta to settle? It couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s little practical value to be gained from destroying a $2,000 phone using extreme measures that wouldn’t figure in day-to-day use. It’s time to stop this.Even the rabid “Apple vs Samsung” fanboys have come to realize that this isn’t a zero-sum game. There are no absolutes here and there’s nothing wrong in appreciating new technology from a company that you may not necessarily be a fan of. It must be appreciated that Samsung is currently the only manufacturer on the market that’s letting people experience what might be the future of smartphones.Yes, there are others who have teased and are testing foldable smartphones, but Samsung is the one that’s currently selling one. It’s not forcing you to buy one, either, so don’t hold it against people who can and want to spend $2,000 on a phone just because they appreciate the opportunity to try something different.I do believe that Samsung deserves more credit than it has been given for the Galaxy Fold. This device may do for foldable smartphones what the first Galaxy Note did for phones with large screens. Nobody thought people would want massive screens on smartphones when the first Galaxy Note came out. Now you’ll scoff at a phone if it has a screen under 5 inches.It’s easy to bash and be negative but it takes courage to give credit where it’s due. You don’t have to like the Galaxy Fold. You’re absolutely justified to have your reservations about it. However, as tech fans, you can appreciate that Samsung has given us the absolute maximum of its display tech. It has given us the possibility to experience the future and that’s something which makes me proud. Not just as a hardcore Samsung fan but also as someone who appreciates technology.If you’re interested in finding out if the Galaxy Fold is for you, check our device page for more related coverage. You may also be interested in reading how the Galaxy Fold does in countries where the conditions aren’t as ideal. It survived my holiday in Egypt without breaking a sweat.

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