It’s almost time for Samsung to release a cheaper Galaxy Z Fold line

It’s been three years since Samsung released the original Galaxy Fold, and looking back at the previous models, it’s evident that the series evolved quite a lot in a relatively short time. The new Galaxy Z Fold 4 is better and cheaper than the original model at launch, which is what we all wanted. However, the Galaxy Z Fold series doesn’t seem to be in a rush to become more affordable, and it seemingly stabilized at around the $1,799 mark. With that in mind, maybe it’s almost time for Samsung to expand its foldable phone portfolio with the addition of a third model.

Samsung previously said that it won’t release any new foldable or rollable devices until the ongoing Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip lineups prove themselves and set up a strong foundation for future models. This has already happened to a degree, and confidence in Galaxy foldable phones is higher now than ever.

It’s almost time for a cheaper Galaxy Z Fold model to join the scene

The Galaxy Z Fold series is fantastic, but it still is held back by its steep price. Since Samsung doesn’t seem to be able to lower the Z Fold series’ price further in due time, perhaps the next-best solution to close the gap between the $999 Galaxy Z Flip and the $1,799 Galaxy Z Fold is to release another, cheaper Galaxy Z Fold variant.

Durability concerns around Samsung’s foldable devices have been addressed, and more customers are now willing to take the chance on foldable phones and the Z Fold series, as shown by Galaxy Z Fold 4 early pre-order figures in several markets.

Perhaps Samsung could even release this third foldable phone series between its two major Unpacked events. It might give the company more exposure year-round, and could help Samsung’s bottom line in the slower quarters.

Many Galaxy Z Fold potential buyers are still turned off by the high price, but lowering the barrier to entry would certainly bring more people aboard. Some will want to upgrade to the premium Z Fold variant once they get a taste of this new form factor, and others will continue to support the cheaper Galaxy Z Fold variant. Either way, Samsung wins, and customers get more options at different price points.

Do you think Samsung and Galaxy customers could benefit from a cheaper Galaxy Z Fold variant? Would you be interested in buying one, assuming it would offer enough value for money? The comment section is yours.

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