It’s-a-me: Tag Heuer Connected x Mario Limited Edition lands

In possibly the most bonkers collaboration of all time, Tag Heuer has launched a Mario special edition of its Connected smartwatch.

We’ve seen special editions of big-name smartwatches for large events such as the Hublot Big Bang World Cup 2018 and Champions League Edition, but now Tag Heuer has honoured the iconic 90s Nintendo plumber in the form of a $2,150 smartwatch.

So what do you get? Well the specs and dimensions remain the same as the standard Connected (which has been impressively updated by Tag Heuer over the years). This edition offers four Mario designed dials, tricked out with the colors, elements and icons from the gaming franchise.

The Timekeeping watch face has been skinned with elements from the 1985 version of Super Mario Bros. And the Heuer 02 and Orbital watch faces have been reimagined with Mario colors.

And Mario also makes an appearance in the fitness tracking elements. As you progress to your goal, all manner of Mario related animations appear on screen – eventually culminating in Mario climbing the “goal pole.” Yes, we can’t quite get our heads around this either.

The Tag Heuer X Mario Edition comes with two straps: a black leather on red rubber number is included, along with a second matching red perforated rubber band for getting sweaty. Both are stamped with the Mario ‘M’.

And while the design of the Tag Heuer Connected hasn’t changed, there are some unique elements. There’s an engraving on the crown, as well as the underside of the watch itself. And the familiar bezel etchings are also marked in red.

As usual with Swiss watch special editions, this will be limited to 2,000 pieces – and it will cost $2,150 a pop. Mamma mia!

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