It turns out most of you don’t care about FaceTime coming to Windows

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When Apple announced that FaceTime was coming to Windows and Android through the web, people shared mixed reactions about the news. While some considered it major news, many said they didn’t care about the expansion, pointing to apps like WhatsApp and Zoom as better options that aren’t locked to a specific company’s hardware. Our poll from over the weekend shows that the majority of poll participants don’t care about FaceTime coming to Windows and Android.

Before diving into the poll results, it’s worth noting that FaceTime on Windows and Android devices is limited compared to iOS and macOS counterparts. To join a call from a device running Windows or Android, you’ll need to use a link created by someone with an Apple device. Our sister site iMore has a guide on how to create a FaceTime call link on iPhone and iPad to help you out.

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Out of over 1,200 participants, 803 said that they do not care that FaceTime is coming to Windows and Android. That number continues to rise as more votes come in, but the overall percentage of 64.5% has remained roughly the same for a while.

“Facetime is important to iPhone users. If you aren’t [an iPhone user] you’ve probably never even used it,” says “Bradavon” in the comments on our poll. “I’ve never used it and would expect [iPhone] users to install a cross platform app … Everyone I know who owns an iPhone is already also using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Zoom on their laptops. It just never comes up.”

Others, like “Doctor_Who” were much more excited about the news, “In my family I am the only Android user. Everyone else uses iPhones. Yes for me it’s a big deal.”

We’ll keep the poll open so you can keep track of how things change over time as more people weigh in.

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