Is Xbox Series X Project Scarlett?

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Best answer: Yes, Xbox Series X was previously codenamed Project Scarlett. Project Scarlett may yet encompass a family of devices, but it was absolutely the codename for Xbox Series X.

Is Xbox Series X Project Scarlett?

At E3 2016, Microsoft announced its mid-generation console refresh, the Xbox One X, with a codename: Project Scorpio. Come E3 2019, and Microsoft repeated this style of announcement by disclosing its next-generation gaming console: Project Scarlett. A few months later at the Game Awards 2019, Xbox broke past precedent and revealed the form factor of the box, as well as the fact that the console, once-codenamed Project Scarlett, is now named Xbox Series X.

The Xbox Series X is scheduled to release sometime in Holiday 2020. You can read more about Xbox Series X right here.

What about Lockhart?

Windows Central has received credible information pointing to Project Scarlett being not one console but two, essentially making it a family of devices. The two different consoles would provide higher-end and lower-end options for next-generation games, respectively codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart. While what we heard about Anaconda lines up with the Xbox Series X, Lockhart has not yet been revealed.

In addition to being a lower console, Lockhart would be a cheaper, more affordable way to play next-generation titles. It’s also possible that Lockhart might be digital-only, removing the optical drive and ability to play discs to bring down the costs further. This would be similar to Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.

We’ll need to wait for Microsoft to make an official announcement. For other bits of information regarding the Project Scarlett family of devices, you can catch up on everything right here.

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