Is the White House not interested in talking to Samsung about chips anymore?

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The White House will hold a third meeting next week. Major tech firms and carmakers will attend and discuss the ongoing global semiconductor shortage and possible solutions. The meeting will take place on September 23, but interestingly enough, a fresh report from The Korea Times claims that Samsung has yet to be notified.

Two other White House summits took place earlier this year on account of the global semiconductor shortage, and Samsung executives attended both. Unfortunately, the semiconductor supply chain continues to suffer due to COVID-19, which prompted the third meeting.

Execs from nineteen companies — including Samsung — were invited to the White House by US President Joe Biden back in April, and again, they’ll be attending the White House meeting next week. Samsung, however, has yet to be notified about the event, revealed an official cited by The Korea Times.

Samsung is already working on speeding up the supply chain

That’s not to say Samsung gave up on fixing the supply chain issue. On the contrary. Earlier this year, it came to light that the company is prepared to invest around $17 billion in constructing a new semiconductor factory on US soil.

Samsung considered several locations, but according to the latest, the company has decided for its new factory to be built in Taylor, northwest of Austin, Texas. However, the factory won’t be completed before 2024, so it isn’t going to help the global semiconductor shortage anytime soon.

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