Is the W20 5G, Samsung’s next flip phone for China, a foldable phone?

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At its developer conference earlier this week, Samsung gave everyone solid confirmation that its next foldable phone will have a clamshell form factor, and is it possible that clamshell foldable Galaxy could be on its way to China later this month? Well, that is what a teaser for the Samsung W20 5G, posted by Chinese carrier China Telecom, seems to be suggesting, but we don’t think another proper foldable phone from the Korean giant is coming out anytime soon.The W20 5G is just a regular flip phone, or at least that’s what we can infer from our sources. Samsung uses the word ‘folder’ for flip phones internally, and that’s how the SM-W2020, which should be the model number for the W20 5G, is described as well. Furthermore, the parts list for the SM-W2020 does not mention a hinge, unlike the list of parts we can find for both the Galaxy Fold (SM-F900F) and the new Fold (SM-F700) that Samsung will launch sometime next year.

Now, it’s possible the information we have on our hands isn’t fully correct. Samsung China could be using the word folder to describe foldables as well, as Samsung China does work on projects (along with Samsung headquarters in Korea) on its own. However, based on the available information, there’s a much higher chance that the W20 5G is just a regular flip phone, albeit a high-end one that will be quite expensive like previous devices in Samsung’s flip phone lineup.Right now, not much known is about the hardware of the W20 5G/SM-W2020. We know it has 512GB of internal storage and will come in black and white. It will also support 5G because, well, that’s the future. In fact, China’s top three carriers launched the country’s 5G services just a few hours ago, and so the announcement of the W20 5G will come at a pretty opportune time, even though it won’t be the first 5G Samsung smartphone to launch in China (the Galaxy A90 5G and Note 10+ 5G are already available in the country).

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