IQOO 120W fast charger demonstrates insane speed

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Fast charging tech is going bonkers as smartphone brands fight for the best and (more importantly) safest way to juice up devices in the least possible time. Oppo Reno Ace2 burst into the scene last year with a 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 charging with others following suit. Now the stakes are even higher as the race to break the 100W fast charging mark is on. Xiaomi was working on it and believed to be the first brand that was going to introduce the tech to the world.

Now, OPPO and Vivo sub-brand IQOO are taking the lead with their 100W plus charging solutions. In particular, IQOO which claims that they are already working on a smartphone with the 120W technology. In fact, IQOO has posted a teaser clip of the fast charging tech in a demonstration on Weibo. Apparently Realme is also expected to announce its 125W Ultra Dart technology in a couple of days.

IQOO confirmed that the technology is ready for mass production and some more news will drop in next month for the same. Coming to the insane fast charging technology by IQOO, the phone reaches 50 percent capacity within five minutes, 80 percent capacity in just 10 minutes, and finally to full charge in 15 minutes flat.

The phone is compared to the IQOO 3’s 55W fast charging technology in the clip, and it nullifies the brand’s current flagship killer. Since IQOO 3 Pro is already on the cards, there is a probability that the phone might come with this mind-boggling charging speed. Imagine, you’ll go from near empty to full charge on the phone while brushing your teeth in the morning.

There are some lingering concerns with the fast charging technology which seem to degrade the battery if not used in the right way. There were concerns with the 65W charging for 4000mAh upwards devices and now 120W fast charging might bring its own caveats. We hope, IQOO and OPPO have addressed all those issues and are not jumping the gun too early.

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