iPad: Top 3 Carrying Cases For Your Apple Magic Keyboard

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iPadOS was finally launched last year, and it brought a slew of new features to turn the iPad into a more “desktop” experience. There are still a few areas that are lacking, but for the most part, Apple is continuing to get the iPad closer to a true computer replacement. 

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But if you want to sit down and get some “real” work down with the iPad, chances are you’ll need a keyboard. But what if you already have one and just need a stand and don’t want to carry just a dedicated stand? 

Why use a Magic Keyboard instead of a keyboard case?

The problem with finding the “right” keyboard for your iPad is that it’s just simply a difficult task. Sure, you could save up a few bucks and try EVERYTHING out there and then return what you don’t like. But if you already have the Magic Keyboard that you know and love, then why would you just switch to a dedicated iPad Keyboard? 

The other side of the coin comes down to those aforementioned “bucks” to save. Chances are that you own the Keyboard already and just need a way to keep it protected while including a stand for the iPad. 

We have found a few solutions for you to consider if this is the path that you’re ready to walk down. 

Fintie Slim Protective Standing Cover for iPad 

Fintie Keyboard and iPad Carrying Case

Fintie is great at making a lot of solid products for an array of devices, including the iPhone and iPad. This Slim Protective Standing Cover is capable of providing a home for your Magic Keyboard 2 and converting into a stand for your iPad or iPhone. 

Fintie has a few different color options available for this case, including one that looks like an old-school composition notebook. There are also magnetic closures to make sure that your keyboard stays secure while you are out and about. And for those who have the original Magic Keyboard, Fintie has you covered with a case designed for that keyboard. Prices start at $14.99 and only go up to $16.99, depending on the color.

Studio Neat Canopy

Studio Neat Magic Keyboard Case for iPad

This is a favorite for the many who want a solid, sleek, and low-profile option for housing our Magic Keyboards. The Studio Neat Canopy has been on the market for some time, and continues to garner great reviews. 

The case offers a low-profile, while keeping the Magic Keyboard 2 in place with “micro suction pads”. This ensures that the keyboard won’t slip and slide around in the Canopy, or while you’re typing. Unlike the Fintie case, the Canopy is only compatible with the Magic Keyboard 2, and is priced at just $40

Tomtoc Ultra-Slim Case

Tomtoc Shoulder Case

Who wants to carry a bunch of extra accessories if you really don’t need to? That’s where the Tomtoc Ultra-Slim Case comes into play with its shoulder briefcase design. Originally, this was intended for use with a MacBook, but will also work for an iPad.

There are straps on either side of the enclosure, which provides the “stand” for your iPad. Then, you can nestle and place the Magic Keyboard (or any keyboard) on the bottom, pair the two products, and get to work. But what makes this stand apart is the fact that there are enough pockets to house all of your accessories, without needing an extra bag. Tomtoc’s Ultra-Slim case is available for just $29.99 with Prime two-day shipping.

An alternative set up for writing on-the-go

For some strange reason, there just are not that many cases that double as both an iPad stand and case for the Keyboard. However, there’s another method that you could take if you really wanted to take the Magic Keyboard with you on the go with the iPad. 

ZUGU Muse Case for iPad Pro

ZUGU Muse iPad Case

Every time that I see references to the ZUGU Muse, there is nothing but good things. The Muse is ultra-slim, which is impressive considering how protective it is, and it even will let you magnetically attach your Apple Pencil 2 to the top of the iPad Pro. 

As for protection, you’ll get 360-degrees of safety with the combination of the rugged TPU and polycarbonate materials. What sets the ZUGU Muse apart from other case makers is that there are TEN different viewing and typing angles that you can switch between. 

This is fantastic to make sure you get the “right” view when trying to do some work. The ZUGU Muse starts at $70 for the iPad Pro (2018), but there are options for many other iPad models, including non-Pros. 

Masino Felt Keyboard Sleeve Case

Masino Felt Keyboard Sleeve

So now that we have gotten the versatile case out of the way, you’ll need something small, light, and compact for the Magic Keyboard. That’s where the MasiBloom Felt Sleeve Case comes to the rescue. 

This case is compatible with both the first and second-generation Magic Keyboard. And there are a few additional pockets to house any other smaller accessories (i.e. charging cable), that you might need. 

The Sleeve Case comes in Felt Black and Felt Gray, with prices starting at just $10, and going up to almost $14. Oh, and this is water and dust resistant, along with offering an easy clean-up by just running water over it and drying it off. 


All of the aforementioned options are fantastic at helping you get some work done on the iPad with the Magic Keyboard. Not everything will be ‘roses and daisies’, but they will come pretty close to perfection. 

Let us know in the comments what you think about these options, and if there’s something that you missed. Also let us know what your keyboard solution has become for getting some work done on the iPad, regardless of whether it’s the “Pro” model or not. 

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