iOS 14.6 RC Introduces New Shazam App Clip

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As part of the iOS and iPadOS 14.6 RC update that was released yesterday, Apple has introduced a new Shazam App Clip, which now allows users to find and identify a song using the new iOS 14 feature, instead of being redirected to the Shazam website or app.

shazam app clip ios 14
Apple introduced App Clips with ‌iOS 14‌ in June of last year as a small, mini-app that can run on a device, without a user needing to download an app from the App Store. There are multiple ways to activate an App Clip, including a specially designed App Clip QR code, an NFC tag, or even websites. Developers must, however, support the feature first.

As 9to5mac reports, Apple is now beginning to implement the feature with its own apps. With iOS 14.2, Apple added a direct Shazam toggle into Control Center, allowing users to not only identify a song playing from their device but be able to identify any song playing around them without having to download the Shazam app. Apple is now extending functionality even further, not requiring users to have the Shazam app at all, or even visit the website thanks to App Clips.

The process works the same; tap the Shazam toggle in Control Center, which can be added in Settings, wait a few moments for your iPhone or iPad to identify a song, and then the App Clip appears. From the App Clip, users can choose to share the song, hear a short preview, and open it in Apple Music to be saved for later.

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