IOGEAR’s UpStream tools make it easy to capture and stream gameplay

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IOGEAR announced four new UpStream streaming tools at CES 2020. IOGEAR designed the tools to lower the price and knowledge required to jump into streaming games. The UpStream Video Capture Adapter ($100) is available now, whereas the UpStream Game Capture Adapter (Q2 2020), UpStream 4K Game Capture Hub (Q2 2020), and UpStream Pro Video Production Switch (Q1 2020) will be available later this year.

The UpStream Video Capture Adapter is a small and simple dongle. With it, you can capture and stream 1080p video at 60Hz using video platforms that support Open Broadcast Software. It doesn’t appear to be much larger than a standard HDMI to USB-C adapter, but also adds streaming and video capture functionality.

The UpStream Game Capture Adapter works with smartphones, Windows PCs, and macOS devices. It can capture 4K video and audio input using a devices’s HDMI output. It works with copywritten content and supports local HDMI pass-through so you can game and capture easily at the same time. The video output of the adapter is 1080p at 60Hz.

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The UpStream 4K Game Capture Hub has two HDMI inputs and real-time HDMI program output. This combination of ports allows people to stream a game and a camera at the same time. It also has an RCA input and XLR mic input to allow for a range of audio devices.

The UpStream Pro Video Production Switch is an all-in-one multi-channel mixer. It supports multiple HDMI inputs at 4K and two 1080p camera sources. It has an RCA audio input and dedicated microphone input for audio as well. People can control their streams using the switch’s mixer and control panel that features programmable buttons or with the UpStream Studio app on an iPad.

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