Intel’s upcoming Unison app will help you sync your Galaxy and iPhone with a Windows PC

Intel announced a new Unison app alongside its 13th Gen Intel Core processor lineup. The Unison app is pretty interesting as it allows your Galaxy (or any other Android) phone to connect seamlessly with your Windows 11 laptop or PC. You could say that it is also possible with the Microsoft Phone Link app. Well, the Unison app is interesting because it even syncs with iPhones.

As per the official announcement, using the Unison app, users can answer and make calls, share photos and files, send and receive texts, and can receive and respond to notifications from their phones. Do note that if the Unison app is closed, then the notification will go to the Windows notification center. This could be of great use for users who get easily distracted by notifications they receive on their phones and need to shuffle between their phones and laptops to manage their tasks.

There is no fixed launch date, but Unison will arrive on select laptops this year

There might be some subtle differences for iOS users as compared to Android users using Unison. However, most of the core features and capabilities will remain the same. The iPhone won’t have access to advanced messaging features or full multi-party messaging. The number of interactions that you can have with notifications from third-party apps may also vary on Android and iOS devices.

While Samsung already offers features that can seamlessly allow users to connect their smartphones to PCs, Intel’s Unison could tap into the area by allowing iPhone owners and Android owners to access features on an Intel-powered Windows PC. Intel Unison will launch on select 12th Gen Intel Core processor-powered Evo laptops from Acer, HP, and Lenovo this year. Also, the company will bring the feature to 13th Gen Intel Core-based designs starting early in 2023.

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