Intel Gamer Days sale has huge discounts on gaming laptops, desktop PCs, & more

The Intel Gamer Days start today, August 25, and go through Sept. 4. This is a huge opportunity to save on all things Intel, especially if you’re looking for a new gaming laptop or maybe looking to upgrade your PC with some Intel-specific gear like a new processor. Unlike most sales, this one is not specific to a certain website or retailer. You will find Intel Gamer Days deals all over the internet, including some of your favorite places to shop like Amazon, Newegg, and Microsoft.

Intel goes all out for this sale every year. If you’ve had your eye on a laptop or computer that has something made by Intel inside of it, chances are you’re going to find it at a reduced cost right now. If not, you’ll certainly be able to find something very close to it at a discount. You may need to look around because, like I said, this is a decentralized sale.

We’ll roundup a lot of the best landing pages and overall deals from the sale right here. Remember that in addition to direct discounts, you can also get a free game, Call of Duty’s new Modern Warfare 2, included with your purchase. Some retailers are also holding contests you can enter to win free stuff. 

Best Landing Pages:

Best Intel Gamer Days Deals:

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