Instax Mini Link lets you print photos, video frames, directly from your phone

Youngsters (and not-so-youngsters) can’t get enough of instant mobile printers. At least that’s the impression we get as brands continue releasing products that cater to that bridge between digital and analog. Fujifilm and its Instax series was among the first to get in on this game and now they’re releasing their latest smartphone photo printer, the Instax Mini Link. It functions pretty much like other mobile printers but it also has a few “tricks” up its sleeves to appeal to those who like printing their smartphone pictures.

For its basic purpose, you can directly send a photo from your phone to the Instax Mini Link through the mobile app via Bluetooth. It uses zero ink technology and the transfer usually takes around 12 seconds. Each mini print is sized at 800×600 and has 318 dpi. It is a tiny device weighing at just 200g so you can bring it around with you wherever you want. There is an LED strip around the Instax button so you will know the mode and status of the device.

As for the other “extras” that you get with the Mini Link, It has a Video Print feature that will let you capture a frame from a video in your camera roll and prints it out directly. You also get a Party Print function where you can combine a picture from each of the connected devices (up to 5 can be connected) and combine them into a collage for printing. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you get a “Surprise Mode” where the collage is only unveiled when it’s finally printed.

But probably the most unique thing about this printer is that it has motion sensors. If you hold it upside down and press the power button, it will print multiple copies. You can also use it as a motion-driven remote control for your smartphone’s camera, like tilting the printer to zoom in or out and pressing the camera’s power button to take the picture itself. There is of course a dedicated app that has all the design frames, filters, and other editing stuff you may need.

The Instax Mini Link will be available starting October 4 and will cost you $99.95. It’s available in Dusky Pink, Ash White, and Dark Denim colors.

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