Instagram to let you bulk delete comments, block accounts

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For Instagram users that deal with a lot of comments and messages, managing all of these things while continuing your regular posts and other interactions can be a pain. Whether you’re a celebrity, influencer, brand, or just a user with a lot of followers, you’ve probably wished there was an easier to manage negative comments and block abusive commenters. Instagram is now introducing new tools to help you out, including bulk deleting of comments, blocking multiple accounts, and on the flip side, highlighting positive comments.

To do bulk delete on comments, tap on one comment, tap the dotted icon in the top right, and then choose Manage Comments. You can choose up to 25 comments that you can delete in just one go. You have to do the same steps if you want to block or restrict accounts in bulk, just choose the Block or Restrict button after topping the dotted icon. The delete comments is now available only for iOS but Android apps can do the block or restrict already if the update has rolled out to your account.

On the positive side of things, you can also now highlight some of the comments that you like. They are testing a Pinned Comments feature where you can pin a select number of comments (number not indicated yet) that will go to the top of the comments thread. Creators can use this to highlight reviews, influencers can use it to set the tone for that post, ordinary users can just pin the ones they like.

Instagram is also rolling out new controls that will let you choose who can tag or mention you on Instagram. Options you can choose from are to let everyone tag or mention you, only people you follow can do it, or no one can do it at all. This is applicable in comments, caption, and Stories. They’ve added this option since some users have complained that they are being targeted and bullied through tagging.

All of these features will be available for all users but the ones who are the so-called “power users” will be the ones that can find this most useful. We’ll update you again if all the features have finished rolling out to Android users and if any changes have happened after the testing period.

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